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In this interview, Beth from Entertaining with Beth talks Youtube, her love for cooking and her hobbies outside of the kitchen.


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Whether it’s the ease or extravagance you seek when preparing a meal, Beth LeManach from the Youtube channel, Entertaining with Beth has you covered.

Her passion for cooking combined with the simplistic yet graceful way she presents food is what separates Entertaining With Beth (EWB) from other food-oriented channels- she’s also incredibly fun to watch. EWB just passed 100 videos on Youtube, each having thousands of views- this is no surprise.

Entertaining and cooking for Beth began at a young age. Years later with a husband, two kids, a full-time job, she still manages to cherish her passion and grow her channel of over 130,000 subscribers. “I love cooking and I love food and I love the joy it brings to people,” she said during the interview.

Each recipe on EWB is either developed by Beth or adapted from family and friends. It is such a process,” she said. “But its really one of the things I love best . . . The only things that make the channel are things that I’ve tried several times that are family recipes, or things that I know are really, really great that I want to put on the channel.”

Lauded for her beautifully filmed videos, it’s difficult to tell that for a year or so, Beth filmed them herself. Now, while a filming crew from KIN community (A Youtube partnership part of the company Beth works for that creates content to empower women) comes to help her film, she still must edit all the videos. “I’m as low tech as they come, it took me years to get the photos out of my IPhone,” she joked.“That’s been a huge learning curve for me . . . but it’s really great to do something that’s so intimidating that’s taking you out of your comfort zone.”

With over a 100 beautiful videos, it’s difficult to choose a favorite recipe. Beth’s is the chocolate lava cake. “It’s not my favorite video because it’s something that I shot myself, but it’s really easy, it’s really, really good and its sort of fool proof. Like, if you follow the tips, you can’t go wrong,” she said. That’s true.

A chef at heart and a busy mom, Beth still aspires to attend culinary school one day. She told me, “maybe that’s in the future at sometime, I sort of laugh at my husband that that’s what I’m going to be doing in my retirement.”

But for now, she’ll focus on Entertaining with Beth. In the future, you might see full-length party menus like the ones on the KIN community channel. “I would love to bring the full length party menus back. We stopped doing them on KIN, but I’d love to do that on my own channel. Maybe together we can all bring them back, and I’ve got so many menus that it want to share!”

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