Perfect Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

These vegan chocolate chip cookies are gooey, chewy and delicious. The same, if not better than a classic chocolate chip cookie. 

Many of you guys are vegan or don’t eat eggs, and I like sharing my favourite recipes, modified for dietary preferences so that you can enjoy them too. I only post recipes that I really like, and this one is for the books. It’s a great alternative to regular chocolate chip cookies, minus the egg and butter.

I make this recipe quite often in different shape or form because it’s so easy whip up. Before beginning, here are some tips to help you get perfect cookies each time. 

soft, chewy vegan chocolate chip cookies


This recipe calls for both, granulated and brown sugar. I love brown sugar, it adds a nice caramel flavour, and keeps these cookies soft and moist. The granulated sugar keeps the edges crisp and helps these vegan chocolate chip cookies spread just slightly. 


When I was developing this recipe, I instantly thought of using coconut oil because the texture is closest to butter. I wasn’t able to find vegan butter. I’ve used both, refined and unrefined coconut oil for this recipe: refined coconut oil doesn’t have the coconut flavour. If you’re not vegan, you can use regular butter. I’ve also tried olive oil before, but there is a slight difference in flavour. For best results, follow the recipe as written.

vegan chocolate chip cookies

Replacing the egg 

Most cookie recipes call for 1 egg. I replaced the egg with non-dairy milk. It does give you a slightly less puffy cookie, but it worked just fine. Try to use a non-dairy milk that doesn’t have too much added flavour, such as almond or soy. 

Refrigerating the dough

This is a crucial step to ensure that your cookies won’t spread too much while baking. It allows the dough to come together and for the dry ingredients to absorb the fat better. Please be sure to do this! You can get away with skipping this step is if you make one giant cookie (meaning a deep dish cookie), where you just bake all of the batter in 22 cm (9 inch dish). You’ll need to bake it for around 25 min. 

vegan chocolate chip cookie dough

Baking time

This depends on a few things.

  1. How much dough you are baking at a time
  2. Your actual oven temperature
  3. How you like your cookie

I bake these in 1-1/2 tbsp sized mounds of dough. This means that I usually bake the cookies for 9-10 minutes because I like them quite soft, gooey and chewy. They do firm up as they cool. Note that each extra minute in the oven will make them firmer and crispier.

soft, chewy vegan chocolate chip cookies

If you make larger cookies (say 3-4 tbsp), you’ll need to bake these for a longer period of time. Say more like 12 minutes.

In short:

  • Coconut oil replaces the butter
  • Milk replaces the egg
  • Using a combination of brown and granulated sugar makes these soft, chewy with a little crunch at the edges
  • For a gooey, soft, chewy cookie, stick to 9-10 minutes. For a firmer, crunchier cookie, stick to 11-12 minutes. If you make larger cookies, you’ll need to bake these longer.

And finally, enjoy these vegan chocolate chip cookies!

soft, chewy vegan chocolate chip cookies on a plate.

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