Those Winter Mornings

 la vue from my window

I’m not a morning person. Heck, I don’t even eat breakfast until I’m in class- casually nibbling on an apple, which by the way, taste so, so good with chunky peanut butter. I normally start my day only thirty minutes before I have to be in school. Occasionally, I attempt to set my alarm a good thirty minutes earlier, but I end up lazing around until there is actually a threat of being late. I just can’t be bothered to get out of the covers until the sun is out.

In Poland, the sun is rarely visible, even when the day dawns. The standard winter sky is tinted light gray during the day. (So, apparently my Vitamin D levels are low. I wonder why.) But there are some days when the sky is almost unreal- a pastel pink with a burst of bright orange. Almost like the smooth brush strokes on an oil painting. During the winter, these days are refreshing. They’re colder than usual, but I love ’em. And on days when the sun appears early, I rise early.

This morning I wanted to sleep in. I really did. But those golden rays of light streamed my window and brushed my face. So naturally my eyes awoke to examine the source. I dragged my body out of bed, ran downstairs to get my camera and snapped some messy shots. I don’t think the photographs quite convey the beauty of a frosty morning with an iridescent sky, but they come pretty close.

So a here’s a thought for the day: Admire the beauty around you- because it may not last very long.