Halloween Cupcakes – Four Ways

Mummies, brains, spiderwebs and monsters galore, these easy cupcakes are spooktacular for Halloween. 

Easy Halloween Cupcakes- 4 spooktacular ways

The Halloween count-down continues with these cupcakes! Last week, I made some Halloween-themed fudge with Pedro. Although the Halloween desserts I make are indeed, Halloween-themed, they aren’t gory or bloody like many Halloween confections tend to be.

So these cupcakes aren’t knock-your-socks-off-hide-under-the-covers scary. But they will make just about anyone smile, and that’s really the main reason anyone should bake. To make people happy. At least that’s why I like to bake.

Last year, I posted a tutorial for some super cool Halloween Pops, that consisted of Oreo mummies, Oreo pumpkins and marshmallow ghosts. This year, I wanted to share with you four simple cupcake decorating techniques for Halloween.

  • The Spider Web
  • The Mummy
  • The Monster
  • The Brain

These are very simple but very satisfying, as they yield a beautiful result. One thing I like about this type of decorating that you can get creative and use whatever is available to you.

I’m not specifying ingredient quantities because these are simply decorating ideas and it’s up to you how little or how many cupcakes (or cookies- these ideas work great with sugar cookie decorating!) you would like to make.

Before trying out these techniques, please watch the video, it makes a world of a difference because in this case, you need to learn visually. Plus a picture is worth 1000 words, and I can reason that a video is probably worth more. So there.

Spider Web Cupcakes

Easy Halloween Cupcakes- 4 spooktacular ways


Ingredients and equipment:

  • Cupcakes (I used this recipe)
  • Vanilla frosting (I used the frosting in this recipe)
  • Chocolate Ganache/chocolate frosting* (see note below)
  • Toothpicks


  1. To make spiderweb cupcakes, frost the cupcake with vanilla frosting using a butter knife or offset spatula.
  2. Next, place the chocolate ganache or chocolate frosting in a piping bag.
  3. Snip a small opening at the bottom of the piping bag (maybe 3 mm in length) and pipe 3-6 circles onto the cupcake. You could also just pipe a spiral.
  4. Using a toothpick, draw lines from the innermost circle to the outer circle to create a spider-web effect.


  • *Chocolate ganache consists of 100 g (4 oz) chocolate combined with 6 tbsp of boiling hot heavy cream- this is enough for maybe 24 cupcakes. You can also use chocolate frosting, just make sure that the frosting isn’t too thick, as this will make it difficult to create the web effect.
  • You don’t need to use vanilla and chocolate- I found that these were the easiest options, but you can totally get creative with colors!

Mummy Cupcakes

Easy Halloween Cupcakes- 4 spooktacular ways


Ingredients and equipment:


  1. To make the mummy cupcakes, pipe two small dots of frosting onto a cupcake, then place the candy eyes on top of the frosting dots.
  2. Using a piping bag with a #47 icing tip filled with vanilla frosting, pipe lines diagonally across the cupcake, keeping the candy eyes in tact, giving the cupcake a ‘mummy’ appearance.


Monster Cupcakes

Easy Halloween Cupcakes- 4 spooktacular ways


Ingredients and equipment:

  • Cupcakes (I used this recipe)
  • Vanilla frosting (I used the frosting in this recipe)
  • Neon green frosting
  • Marshmallows
  • M&Ms
  • Tic Tacs* see note below


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