Interview with Rachel from Kawaii Sweet World

Today I interviewed my good friend Rachel from the Youtube channel Kawaii Sweet World. She’s a genius when it comes to all things baking Kawaii. 


The virtual world is a daunting place. There are so many  individuals sharing their ideas, skills and talent online. But it is often difficult to think of these people as real. I am so happy to have broken a piece of this digital barrier and to have made a real friend through the internet- even if we’ve never met in person. Like me, Rachel is a Tastemade partner- so I was first introduced to her videos through that. When we found out that we were both the same age, it became really easy to chat and relate to one another. After our initial collaboration, we’ve collaborated on several occasions- my favorites being our 4th of July Red Velvet collab and our Biscoff collab.

Rachel has over 700,000 subscribers on Youtube, which is no surprise considering her enormous talent. Her fun personality and beautifully adorned sweet treats please just about anyone, whether you’re into the Japanese “Kawaii” theme and baking as a whole- or not. I was so happy to do this interview with Rachel because apart from food, she has a lot more going on for her and it’s always great to learn a little bit more about the person behind the camera. Though Rachel doesn’t see Youtube as a full-time career (she’s super intelligent and into a ton of other cool stuff), if she decides to choose that path, she will no doubt succeed.

Check out Rachel’s latest video for Succulent Cupcakes

Check out Rachel’s Youtube channel

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Her video (Red Velvet Parfaits):
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** Sweet Easter Eggs**
Her video (Petit Four Eggs):
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**Study Snacks** MAJOR THROWBACK
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