Interview with Katie Quinn from QKatie

I interviewed Katie Quinn, who told me about her experiences as a food journalist. I loved getting to know this awesome foodie a little more!

Photo taken from Katie's Facebook fan page

Photo taken from Katie’s Facebook fan page

In May or so, I interviewed food journalist, Katie Quinn for my Phenomenal Foodies series. Katie has been featured by CNN and the Today Show- her videos and personality are absolutely addictive and I enjoy watching her videos on Youtube. In many ways, Katie is who I aspire to be when I am older. She is passionate about food, she creates amazing dishes and she somehow combines her career with her passion- video journalism with food. A couple months ago, Katie flew to Paris and obtained a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu, and recently, she interviewed the head chef at the White House. How cool is that? I am excited to see which path her channel will take as a result- no doubt, a great one.

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