Interview with Elizabeth LaBau from SugarHero

I got to interview the very talented Elizabeth LaBau who runs It was awesome learning about Elizabeth’s experience in the culinary world and as a blogger, and getting to know more about the person behind the blog. Thank you, Elizabeth!

When it comes to sugared creations, Elizabeth LaBau of is a master, a true confectionary genius. I was around 12 years old when I came across Elizabeth’s sugary masterpieces on the site, where she is a regular contributor. I’ve tried her caramels and her peppermint patties, both of which were exceptional the first time around and then, I discovered, home to some of the most outstanding confections. If you’re looking to impress, chances are, Elizabeth has got you covered in the dessert section- for instance, her most recent post featured a giant peanut butter and jelly sandwich cake as a back-to-school treat. It doesn’t get any better than that.


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I was thrilled when Elizabeth agreed to do an interview for my blog not only because she runs an exceptional site, but also because she is genuine, which is a very difficult characteristic to come across (in bloggers) these days. It was a pleasure to interview her and I look forward to seeing what more Elizabeth has to contribute to the food world.

To visit Elizabeth’s website, click here.

Elizabeth also has a candy making cookbook (click here to view) that is exceptional- the recipes, the techniques, a must-have in your kitchen.