Interview with Betsy Eves from Java Cupcake – Phenomenal Foodies

In this interview, Betsy from JavaCupcake talks about her blogging experience, her inspirations and her life overseas.

Photo from Betsy's Facebook page

Photo from Betsy’s Facebook page

Blogging is prevalent through out the virtual world – it gives people the freedom to flood the internet with the entirety of their thoughts. I personally stick to food blogs, because I enjoy reading other people’s thoughts and ramblings food – baked with a little bit of culture. Java Cupcake, run by Betsy Eves, embodies the characteristics of a good food blog. When I found Betsy’s site, I was intrigued. Betsy’s desserts not only look delightful, but at the time of my discovery, she was living in Germany- my next door neighbor, so to speak. I love reading English blogs about life in a foreign country, so I loved Betsy’s writing – it is fresh and very easy to relate to. In addition to her blog, Betsy is also in the process of opening an online boutique. So I was thrilled when she agreed to an interview with me.

In this interview, we discussed how Betsy got interested in food and blogging, her favorite recipe- an awesome chocolate cake, her favorite bloggers and the ups and downs of blogging amongst other things.

Thanks, Betsy! I enjoyed learning more about you and your blog.

Link to Betsy’s blog