Interview with Gemma Stafford from Bigger Bolder Baking – Phenomenal Foodies

In this interview, Gemma Stafford talks about her experience as a pastry chef in the US, her Youtube channel and more!


Bigger Bolder Bakers is literally becoming bigger and bolder with every passing minute- Gemma Stafford’s all-things-baking Youtube channel has skyrocketed, with a following of 175,000 subscribers and counting.

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After watching one of Gemma’s videos, you’ll understand why this channel will be Youtube’s next big thing- her tempting creations are one factor, her passion and personality are another, something that’s been with as a child growing up in Ireland. “When I was young, I had a very good teacher who was my mum,” Gemma said. “Everything she did was perfect . . . my mum was just awesome.”

Years ago, Gemma moved to the United States from Ireland to pursue her passion for food and pastry. She discussed her experience working at a Michelin star restaurant in San Francisco. “It’s a very tough gig,” she explained. “Long hours, and you have to work up the ranks in the hardest way possible.”

After over a decade of working as a pastry chef, Gemma left her job and started a catering business. Then, after moving to Los Angeles, she began a her career on Youtube (about a year and a half ago) with her husband Kevin, who handles the technical aspect of the channel- filming, editing, uploading, taking pictures, etc. Together their partnership has thrived- Gemma’s dishes are impeccable and Kevin’s videos are flawless.

It’s evident that both enjoy what they do. “My favorite part about the whole process in general is the comments,” Gemma said. “How thoughtful they are, and the fact that [people] went back onto a video after they had made something and then took the time then to go write a comment . . . it takes a lot of time of your day to do that.”

Because Youtube has become Gemma’s job, she naturally spends a significant amount of time on the video-sharing site and has therefore, gotten to know many other personalities, citing Alyssia from Mind Over Munch, Jenn from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio and Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube as some of her favorite channels.

But in terms of her own, 2015 will bring exciting new dishes to Bigger Bolder Baking. Gemma is in the works of a mini bread series, which will air as the year progresses. “I would like to start showing people how to make bread- because bread is so easy, it’s such a great dough to work with, it’s so interesting, and there’s a lot of technique involved. You never get the same results,” she explained.

2014 was a fantastic year for Bigger Bolder Baking, and by the looks of it, 2015 will be even more so.

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