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In this interview, Lindsay discusses the pros and cons of food blogging, gives some useful blogging advice and talks about future plans for Pinch of Yum. 

Lindsay Ostrom-

Source: Pinch of Yum Facebook fan page

What began simply as a hobby and method of sharing recipes on her blog, Pinch of Yum has now become Lindsay Ostrom’s full time job, and in a way, an online empire.

Pinch of Yum is home to 600+ recipes, several e-books and also acts as a resource for other food bloggers. It has grown so significantly, prompting Lindsay to leave her job as a teacher and focus her full attention to her blog- though her love for teaching is evident.

When I started the blog, if you would have told me that I would be leaving teaching, I would have said what? That’s ridiculous!” she said during the interview. For now, blogging is her main job. However, teaching may be an option once more later on. “I’m definitely not saying no to going back. I think that it’s a possibility for the future,” she said.

No doubt, Pinch of Yum is one of the best food blogs out there- but not just for its mouthwatering recipes. Lindsay’ has a unique voice. “Right from the beginning, I really tried to be personable with what I was writing about”, she said. I just really tried to make a connection with readers . . . so that it felt more like a conversation”.

Unlike other blogs, Pinch of Yum doesn’t keep its secrets to success. “For other bloggers, it’s not just a food blog, but it can be a teaching resource of how you can grow your blog,” Lindsay explained.

Much of the business and technical aspects are taken care of by Bjork, Lindsay’s husband. His monthly income reports designed to aid other food bloggers demonstrate how Pinch of Yum generates earnings. “Pinch of Yum would never be what it is today without having Bjork’s help,” Lindsay gushed.

Lindsay and Bjork: Pinch of Yum

Lindsay and Bjork- Source: Pinch of Yum Facebook fan page

Pinch of Yum is an example of a successful partnership. According to Lindsay, once a blog begins growing, “just one person can’t everything [so] it is important to have multiple people helping when possible”.

Bjork and Lindsay have mastered the art of food blogging. When asked about a piece of advice she would give to a novice food blogger, Lindsay (who also wrote a photography e-book) said, “I’d say invest in a good camera, or just learn the camera you have as best as you can and keep practicing . . . It’s so competitive with so many people saying, ‘try this, try this, this is good mine is the best’. The initial hook for people is going to be the image”.

pinch of yum photography

An example of Lindsay’s photography. Source:

Lindsay and Bjork have already accomplished, and continue to successfully develop Pinch of Yum. Their plans are to start filming how-to videos for Youtube. “We’re actually going to be doing a remodel of our kitchen in the house we just bought,” Lindsay said. “We’re going to knock down the wall and make it even more open . . . we’ll just have more of an open space it’ll be better with both, the photography that I’m doing and then also it’ll allow us a space that just works a bit better do more cooking videos”.

Lindsay’s passion for food has inspired thousands of people across the globe and will continue to do so- her voice is authentic, her photographs mouthwatering and her recipes – addictive. Her blog can be summed up in one word: Wow.

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These super delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookie cheesecake bars I made originally come from Pinch of Yum!