Spring. And why I’ve been a little slow

asdfWhether you stop by my blog for the photographs, the recipes or the blurb, thank you. Thank you. It makes my day to read comments and emails- especially when I receive photos of things people have tried out.  If you are regular, I’d like to apologise for the slow pace at which I’ve been posting. The past few months have been especially busy- at school and at home.

Last month I met Salman Khan. I’m not a major fan- I think Bollywood was far better during the 20th century than it is now- nonetheless, it was definitely an overwhelming experience to physically meet someone you’ve watched only virtually through a screen. I was actually writing an article on foreign film in Poland and had the opportunity to attend a press conference with the cast of Kick- Khan’s upcoming film that was partially set in Warsaw. How cool is that? Bollywood in Poland.

I got to briefly interview Khan’s co-star, Jaqueline Fernandez and the director of the film. Khan was swarmed by journalists and reporters so I wasn’t able to get specific quotes from him. He forgot his pen, so once he left, I nicked it. So I have Salman Khan’s pen. Don’t judge me. I’ve been considering journalism as a career, but after the press conference, I was put off a little. I’m 16 and being at a press conference with experienced journalists and reporters was a little intimidating- other journalists were rude and one of the interviewees wasn’t all sunshine either- not that he has to be. But a rude attitude from someone I was interviewing- my first time interviewing someone at a press conference- was not at all appreciated. I don’t know if, as an adult, I can handle being degraded like that. Meaning that most reporters are somewhat frowned upon and people can be extremely rude. But I guess that goes for any profession in the beginning.

At the press conference- from left to right: Salman Khan, Jaqueline Fernandez and Randeep Houda
The article took up a big chunk of time in April, but of course, I was glad to be able to write a piece like that. Then in May, I went to Budapest for a track and field meet. The city its self is stunning. A view of mountains combined with the architecture and a river that flows through the city- there’s little that can beat it. The trip was only a few days long so I didn’t get to experience the city as much as I would have liked to- the focus was the track meet of course. But I plan to go back sometime. Now I have a lot of work to catch up on for missing school.
A view of Budapest in panoramic view (A friend showed me how to take it on the IPhone)

I think that even when you’re at your busiest, you can always find time to do the things you love. So of course, I’ll find a way to whip up a batch of cookies or bake a cake. I always try and photograph my baking ventures with hopes to write up the recipe on the blog. I will eventually get around to it. I’m just being lazy.

caramel-banana cream pudding with gingersnaps
pineapple upside down cake- super moist, fluffy and sticky

I love winter. I do. I love winter because I love how everything is blanketed in white. I love how the tree branches are dusted with snow. But melting snow paves the way for flowers of all sorts and slowly the weather begins to get warmer. And it doesn’t get dark as quickly and that’s why I love spring- cheesy as that may sound. I may not be the best photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures and might I say that flowers are the most photogenic species on this planet. I was watching this video of how all our generation does is stare at a screen. So I went outside and photographed the flowers. So if you’re stressed or bored, go for walk, take some pictures. Cherish the season.