Christy Denney: Literally “The Girl Who Ate Everything”

Photo taken from The Girl Who Ate Everything blog 

In this interview, Denney shares some personal stories, tips on photography, hints for new bloggers and more about her experience working in the Betty Crocker kitchens. 
Christy Denney is literally the Girl Who Ate Everything, a title that also happens to be the name of her blog. The site was started roughly five years ago, and now has over 100,000 followers.
Denney has no professional training when it comes to cooking or photography. In fact, she has a degree in computer science. Her presentation, creativity and mouthwatering images of food suggest otherwise. Denney started her cooking venture after she got married. “I have this huge husband [professional football player John Denney] and he just ate a ton, and I’m like, ‘I have to figure out a way to feed this guy!” she says.
Five years ago, a tragedy struck her family with the passing of her sister. “All my family was back in Arizona and I was here [in Florida] . . . Every time I got in the kitchen and made a family recipe, it made me feel closer to them and made me feel better about things,” she explains. From there, she decided to start her blog. Her goal was to create a portfolio comprised of family recipes, so that members of her family could easily find and cook their childhood favorites. Her consistent quality of recipes took the Internet by storm. Not long after, thousands of people began reading her blog and recreating the dishes she had posted about.
“My favorite recipes are recipes that are family recipes that people are like, ‘This is the best pizza I’ve ever had, my mom made it for years,’ I love those recipes that have a story,” she says. What makes her site unique is that each recipe posted has been tried, tested, and enjoyed. She only posts “about 20% of the recipes” she actually makes. It’s almost guaranteed that her recipes are foolproof.
For any blogger, it’s a process, and Denney is continually developing and improving her site, particularly the photography. “My first [photographs] are awful . . . They’re scary!” she exclaims.  “I’ve learned a lot about photography, that’s been a fun thing for me to explore and research about . . . but it’s come a long way [since the beginning]”. She also does the technological stuff behind the scenes herself. “My computer science background has helped me a ton in blogging,” she says. “If I don’t like the color of something or if I want to add something I just tweak the code.”
Among the cooking adventures and experiences Denney has obtained, her favorites are attending a conference, which gave her the opportunity to interact with other food bloggers. “It blew my mind,” she says. “I was so excited, I was the nerd in the corner that wanted to meet everyone . . . I’m not a stalker, but I look at food all day long- so I know pretty much everyone’s blog out there. So I felt like I knew everyone!”
Denney has also worked with the Betty Crocker Kitchens and Tablespoon, both part of the company, General Mills in Minnesota. “It was just a dream. Anything you can think of, if you’re a foodie, they have. I would love that job,” she says.
In the near future, Denney plans to create an app for her blog- no doubt something to look forward to.