Interview with Tammy from Yoyomax12

One of the coolest channels on Youtube? Definitely. From homemade snickers bars to unicorn poop cookies, Tammy of Yoyomax12 has got you covered. Each treat made on her channel is innovative and imaginative, offering a twist on old classics and holiday ideas. All of Tammy’s treats are decadent and definitely gorgeous; something that isn’t easily attainable. Believe it or not, she isn’t a professional baker. “My mother is a big baker . . . I used to love to help her out as a small child,” she says. “It’s always been my favorite thing to do.”

Tammy joined the world of Youtube five years ago and decided to share her passion with fellow viewers. Like many users, she began small. “I started watching a group of people and we all started interacting,” she says, citing another user, Beth, from Cooking and Crafting as someone she met via Youtube and is still close to today. “ I realized that it was a real little community of friends that talked to each other, and interacted and had fun, and I decided, you know what, I’d like to try this,” and began posting video tutorials under her username, Yoyomax12- an amalgam of her mother’s nickname, her son’s name and her birthday.
Since then, Tammy has created hundreds of videos and a growing fan base of nearly 400,000 subscribers. It seems as if her creativity is infinite. Her ideas come from a variety of sources, including magazines, cookbooks, and of course, Pinterest. “I just love it. I spend hours and hours and hours on Pinterest. Right now, I have a Halloween idea [board],” from which viewers can expect to see several tutorials based off of.
Tammy is famous for her rainbow obsession, creating a variety of rainbow recipes including rainbow Panna Cotta, cheesecake, fudge and cake pops. “I’m kind of trying to do every single rainbow food that can possibly be done, that’s kind of my goal,” she says.
Inspite of having a full-time job, Tammy dedicates a chunk of her time to creating Youtube tutorials. Her favorite part is interacting with her fan base from all over the world, including Malaysia, Argentina and Spain.  I asked Tammy if she ever runs out of ideas to do. “There’s too many things to make!” she laughs. “It’s hard to decide what to choose out of everything that is available.”